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Seminar “Y.E.S. (Youth Encouraged Strategies) for Social Entrepreneurship”

Date: 2013-08-06 — 2013-08-11
Venue: Vilnius

“Y.E.S. (Youth Encouraged Strategies) for Social Entrepreneurship” is a seminar for youth NGOs on the topics of social entrepreneurship and social business, and the development of these two on the basis of an NGO.

The project aims to create a space in order to:

  • share the perception and practices of social entrepreneurship and social business among young people coming from different geographical areas,
  • determine foreign practices that can be applied,
  • make a plan of actions that have to be implemented, and a set of actors that have to be involved in order to develop further the idea of social entrepreneurship among youth organisations.

The core of the project is a 5-day seminar that will be held in Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, and will bring together more than 30 representatives of 12 different countries, who in their organisations are either already developing social entrepreneurship or highly motivated to start it. Also the project will involve experts of the fields of social business and social entrepreneurship.

In a fast changing world it is necessary and vital to adapt to new realities and act according to new rules of the world in order to improve the well-being of humanity. Social entrepreneurship is a phenomenon that has to be spread across the globe in order to sow the seeds of change. And this in turn has to begin with young people who are enthusiastic and full of energy, who are ready to act in a fast and flexible manner. Social entrepreneurship generates wealth, creates jobs, and offers solutions to current problems and supports the community and the environment at the same time meeting bottom line objectives.

The full presentation of the project can be found via this link (.pdf dpcument).

If you are interested in participation, please fill in the Participant's questionnaire and send it to or until July 1.