Association “Youth Initiative Group”
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Kviečiame vaikus ir jaunimą iš Naujosios Vilnios liepos 25–31 dienomis dalyvauti dienos stovykloje „Įkvėpti Sveikai Gyventi“.

Mainai įvyko Vilniuje š.m. vasario 11-18 dienomis. Dalyviai iš 5 Europos šalių – Bulgarijos, Estijos, Latvijos, Slovenijos ir Vengrijos — atvyko į Vilnių, kur susitiko su dalyviais iš Lietuvos.

Not as foreign as it seems

Starting ot achieve goals

New" season - new aims.

"Ratilio" in the frame of "Music Meets Culture" project

Smile, the Sky watchs you!

Youth forum in Vilnius

Live music concert

Next station- Hollywood!

"We all live in the yellow submarine..."

For the tenth time in a row a peaceful mood spreads around Vilnius

Drama lessons to everyone!

The more "Nighty-nights" the better!

We invite Vilnius' youth and representatives of youth organisations to take part in practical training courses.

Tarptautinio teatro festivalio "Vilniaus rampa - 2013" svečias - teatras "Svoj teatr" iš Vologdos. 

2013 m. gegužės 23-26 d.d. įvyks tarptautinis mėgėjų teatrų festivalis "Vilniaus rampa - 2013"

In the framework of the project a research Youth Participation in Decision-Making Processes is being held.

„Kalėdų senelių istorijos“ Rusų kultūros centre

Action "Youth Against Terror 2012" starts!

Join and participate!

In the end of the summer “Intellectual Games Club” held an international youth exchange “YellowGreen” that happened in a village house in Ignalina district.

On March 28th, at ISM university final conference in the framework of the project Integration DREAM was held.

Musical theatre performance for children

A bit about what has been done

On December 21st final presentation of the exposition “ARTERROR” took place, which at the same time was both a closure of the exposition and a final event of the action “Youth Against Terror 2011.

On the 17th of December association “Youth Initiative Group” made a New Year’s party for the youngest children and their parents. Thanks to everyone for the warm common holiday. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Gruodžio 8—11 d.d. Vilniuje įvyko Lietuvos Rusijos tėvynainių jaunimo organizacijų atstovų forumas.

Theatre is inviting everyone interested into stage performances art.


To know and to announce


Innovation as an engine or the qualitative work

The second republican festival of the Russian-speaking youth of Lithuanian “Youth of the XXth century” has taken off. In the framework of the festival 2011 nine projects that make up the core of the youth programme for the most advanced Russian-speaking Lithuanians. Youngsters are interested in everything, ranging from Yuri Gagarin’s flight into outer space to unknown works by Fyodor Dostoyevsky…

There was the meeting with the theatre “Zelionyj Fonar”

The intellectual sport game

The Old Fairytale Will Help To Make A New One…

you better have bright eggs

On the 5–6 of March in 2011 a Winter forum will take place and we will take part in it.

When if not now?

Love Day in the Theatre

Thanks to the wonderful Asta and Jolita!

The most important words only...

...we will be only one step behind the potential youth trainers.

On the 21–28 of August the international youth training “School World in Action“ took place in Estonia.

Today we say goodbye to a good friend...

Youth trainers appear here and now!

Just let's enjoy it!

“Today good music is being played so no fights will happen here…”

We congratulate the winners!

So close it is getting hot!

We do not miss a thing!

Happy anniversary, dear theatre!

We are taking part in a conference.


Russian Culture Centre became a weird, comfortable and decorated in art way cinema.

Association "Youth Initiative Group" is grateful to its representatives, who have demonstrated punctuality, discipline, responsibility, friendship and various competences in the fields of art during the whole project.

Do you have one?

Partners of the hot country project...

Report on the project...

We are still active even during the summer.

Thanks to all who were with us!

Association „Youth Initiative Group“ will take part in the festival...

It was awesome! Believe me!

Here came summer and brought light and worm! Wohoo!

The 9th of May the Great Victory is being celebrated!

Thanks for those who came! See you next time!

There was a School championship of “What? Where? When?” on the 18th of April in the Santaros secondary school.

Happy birthday!!!

On the 3–4 of April in 2010 there was a forum of Russian-talking youth organizations of Estonia organized.

Youth Initiative Group congratulates you on Easter!

This time it was dedicated to the theatre theme, because the day before an International Theatre Day was being celebrated.

The aim was to discuss “Lithuanian Eurotrip”—the international traveling youth exchange in Lithuania during the whole coming summer.

On the 19–21 of March in 2010 a Winter forum of the National Agency (LiJOT) will be, in which members of the "Youth Initiative Group" will take part in.

In the frame of the project “Empowerment of youth organizations of ethnic minorities” association “Youth Initiative Group” organized a forum of Russian-talking youth organizations of Lithuania on the 6–7 of March in 2010.

On the 6th of March in 2010 in the Russian Culture Centre there was a founder meeting of the new youth union—“Council of Lithuanian Russian-speaking Youth Organizations”.

“See you on the last Saturday of the next month!”

Make a film about getting rid of your electric before the 9th of April of 2010 and get good prizes: a viceo camera, a player and a mobile phone!

On the 23–24 of January in 2010 there was an activity “Nighty–night” arranged, which took place at the Russian Culture Centre and lasted all night long. From 22 p.m. till 6 a.m. a group of young people revealed a topic of stereotypes by discussing stereotypical thinking, advantages and disadvantages of stereotypes, etc.